Portraits in Pen

Made on unique recycled paper - notes for consecutive translation. With original frames, drawn in pen.

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Portraits in Pencil

Simple elegance of graphite pencils. In various formats.

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Full figure drawings

In various formats, in various techniques.

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Portraits in Gouasche

Vivid, colorful portraits based on your photos.

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Tranquil or dramatic, in any format or technique you select.

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Copyright issues...

For reference, I use photos I take, photos given with specific permission of the owner, photos from social media profiles of my friends if I want to surprise them with a portrait, or, in case of celebrities, official photos they actually posed for, and not paparazzi ones. If you send me a photo, please inform me of its owner so that credit can be given as due.

Kastel sumrak

How to order?

You can order a portrait (or a landscape, a still life, an abstract painting... but preferably portrait) based on any reference photo (or detailed description) you choose!