People's reactions to portraits, some commissioned, some presented as a surprise:

Recycled paper

Drawings made on my consecutive interpretation notes, mostly drawn during meetings and conferences


I love drawing portraits based on the photos of people reacting to their portraits, and then recursively, reacting to the portraits of them reacting. Inception-style.

Abstract drawings

These are inspired by controlled randomness of scribbling combined with the strictness of the chess board pattern.


I am branching into paintings and these are just the beginning.


These are mostly drawn for practice.

Pencil Drawings

Drawings in graphite pencils - my biggest passion so far. They had to be divided in several categories - portraits, figure drawings, of my family, friends, clients, animals, body parts... and I tried to organize them in reverse chronological order, so that you can see my progress since last year, when I started drawing on the almost daily basis.